@cartelmike/Mike Woods on Medium.com: Why VR “Storytelling” does not currently work. And can it ever work?

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Mike Woods, founder of the digital department at special effects and CGI studio Framestore, has written a piece on medium.com about challenges of storytelling in Virtual Reality. He uses his experience in digital storytelling to mention some pitfalls that VR storytelling might fall into, or is already falling into. He’s quite critical of what is already being produced and the direction VR is going right now. The conclusion is still hopeful however.

I don’t want VR to become a lost storytelling vehicle like the internet has. Whoever could have imagined with all the amazing early interactive web experiments and promise of a participatory internet, that we’d be left with the mass adoption of Netflix 15 years later. How terribly boring and disappointing. What a waste of story interaction.

Let’s hope the similar gold rush around VR does not take it down the same path.