Nvidia presents Ansel, an in-game capture tool for game photography.

Game photography is great and currently growing for a good reason but the old PrtScn-button can feel a bit limited at times. Nvidia tries to offer an enhanced in-game camera with Ansel. This tool, most likely named after famous photographer Ansel Adams, gives game photographers an array of features including:

  • Pause games
  • Move the camera to recompose, change the angle, roll and zoom
  • Apply filters which don’t matter much because of the following feature
  • Save as an OpenEXR, a HDR file format famously created by Industrial Light and Magic
  • High resolution rendering, supposedly up to 8 gigapixels, which is a *lot*
  • 360-degree capture, in both mono and stereo

The announcement mentions several games that should support it in the near future including Unreal Tournament. If this means that it has native Unreal engine support, then this certainly strengthens the already feature-rich engine as a tool for digital artists.